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Discovering the Ins and Outs of Window Sashes with Nehemiah Windows and Doors.

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Ever wondered about the anatomy of your windows? Nehemiah Windows & Doors is here to guide you through the essential terminology in the window industry, focusing on the crucial component known as the window sash. We’ll unravel the mysteries of window sashes, their parts, and why they are pivotal in maintaining the integrity of your windows.

What is a Window Sash?

A window sash serves as the mobile framework that securely holds glass panes within a window. Comprising vertical or horizontal rails and stiles, the sash allows for various movements, such as sliding up and down or side to side. Knowing the distinction between the sash and the window frame is key when considering replacements.


Other Window Terminology includes…

Box Frame
The box frame forms the exterior frame connecting the window to the wall, providing structural support and securing the sash components.

Check Rail
For double-hung windows, the check rail is the middle bar where the upper and lower sashes meet, often housing window locks.

In casement sash windows, a crank mechanism is employed to rotate and open or close the window, similar to a door.

Also known as glazing, this refers to the glass panes within a window sash, with options like double- or triple-pane Low-E glass for energy efficiency.

Thin bars of frame material dividing glass into sections for decorative purposes, historically used to hold smaller pieces of glass together.

Vertical sides of the box frame along which the window sash slides when opened or closed.

Handles on single- and double-hung sash windows facilitating the opening and closing of the window.

Sash Cord
A pulley system’s leverage mechanism allowing the window sash to open, balancing its weight.

Sash Locks
Small hardware pieces locking the sash window in place, ensuring an air-tight seal to prevent drafts and water damage.

Sash Weight
Countering the window sash’s weight, the sash weight assists in easy window opening, usually hidden once installed.

Sash Stops
Wood or vinyl pieces preventing the window sash from opening beyond a designated point, enhancing safety in certain window types.

The bottom part of the box frame where the sash frame fits snugly, sealing tightly when the window is locked.

Vertical sides of the sash frame, comparable to the jambs on the box frame.

Window Hinge
Enables casement-style sash windows to open and close like a door.

The Importance of Window Sashes

Window sashes play a crucial role in allowing ventilation, natural light, and serving as essential fire escape routes. They safeguard the glass, making repairs and replacements more straightforward than non-sash windows.

When to Replace Your Window Sash

While window sashes are designed for durability, replacements may be necessary if the sash struggles to open or close easily or if there are issues with proper sealing. Professional assistance is recommended for replacement, but intrepid DIY homeowners can explore replacement window sash kits.

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